Designed for the Serious Gold Miner. Built to maximize your production for sniping, sluicing, high banking, panning, and even removing dredge tailings, its built to be durable and long lasting. 

It's unique 90 degree curved stamped steel bucket design provides you with a faster and more efficient digging experience for more gold recovery. Use it as a Pull Action shovel to move dirt or gravel out of your way. You can also use it to scoop gravel from UNDERWATER without spilling any potential gold in the gravel. It not only makes digging easy, it's easy on the back.
Handle: 24 inch durable fiberglass handle with tough non-slip grip.
Bucket: 18 guage tempered steel with powdered coating,
Bucket size: 9 inches wide at the front and 6 inches wide at the rear, Bucket draw is 3 inches deep
2 steel pins to keep the handle sturdy

The BucketDigger is the ultimate digging tool, with it's unique bucket design, will help you move more dirt, sand and gravel, faster and more efficiently, with less effort.  With it's 90 degree fixed scoop like bucket design, you will experience the most efficient hand held dirt moving tool you have ever used! 

Industry Applications

Gold Mining:
Small Scale Gold Miners use the BucketDigger to move dirt faster and more efficiently for processing. The unique bucket design reduces dirt spillage between scooping and feeding gold recovery operations. 

Great for digging in tight places like trenches, and vertical holes, or just plain digging and moving dirt with a pulling action that will collect the dirt inside the curved bucket. Use it to quickly scoop and lift dirt vertically. Efficiently and quickly remove dirt from around underground pipes and cables. Cleaning the loose dirt from the bottom of trenches for laying new pipe.

The BucketDigger will make digging easier for many LandScaping jobs. 

If your moving dirt, sand and gravel by hand, then the BucketDigger is a must have tool.

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